What suburbs do you work in?

Generally the northern suburbs of Perth. If you’re not sure if your suburb is covered, just contact us as we are here to help.

Do you know the route for the actual test?

No. If you are a well trained rider you should be able to ride anywhere and pass your test.

Can I use my own moped?

Yes. We provide a late model moped for you to use at no charge but if your bike is roadworthy and licensed, that’s fine too.

How do I get to you if I use my own bike?

Included in our hourly fee is us bringing a bike to you, so if you are using your own – no problem! We come to you.

Can I ride a moped with a car license?

Yes. At this stage, the holder of a C-class license can legally ride a moped on the road. However, we strongly recommend some training first. Please contact us.

Isn't the intercom system distracting?

No. It helps you to stay focused whilst riding and allows us to give you instant feedback and instruction. The Department of Transport now use these for your test, so you will already be comfortable using them.

How long does a lesson go for?

A standard lesson is one hour but you can book longer if you wish, for example, one and a half hours or two hours. Please allow ten minutes at the end of a lesson for reviewing what you have learnt.

Do I have to pay a deposit when I book a lesson?

No. Just contact us to book in and pay on the day. If you are using an internet funds transfer, allow time for the funds to transfer prior to your lesson.